AG-3: Icons

Everybody know what is an icon, right? A simple button with an image or a text. Icons makes the application beautiful and easy for the users to navigate, but, sometimes, if used incorrectly, can cause confusion.

The problem

Sometimes, icons are not displayed correctly because the image or the color is not the best way to representate the meaning of it. This is a problem, because new users or users that have some kind of disease like colorblindness, for example, will have trouble using the application.

Some younger users don’t know or never saw a floppy disk, that is commonly used as a “save” icon. They just know it because all “save” icons are representated like it.


The recommendation

It’s necessary to correctly choose meaningful icons that will actually help the user. One great way of doing this is choosing icons that are avaliable in the mobile plataform, because it appears all the time when we are using an application, and it’s easy to associate the image with the meaning.

Here we can see an exemple of the Icons in the Netflix app.
Here we can see an exemple of tje Icpms in the Spotify app

Always remember to put some text to explain what does the icon mean, because only an image, sometimes can cause confusion.

Neutral colors are the best way to representate the icon too, because, in most of times, the color doesn’t mean anything, but for people that is colorblind can cause confusion if someone says, for exemple “click in the red circle”. We can avoid that, right?

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