Research Projects

I’ve been working in the LERIS projects. Some past and present Research Projects are:

2019 – present: UX in software startups: needs and challenges.

  • Keywords: User eXperience, Software Engineering, Software Startups, Empirical Software Engineering.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Luciana Zaina.
  • Associate Researchers: Professor Helen Sharp (The Open University), Dr. Leonor Barroca (The Open University), Dr. Cleidson de Souza (UFPA), Dr. Letícia Machado (UFPA), Dr. Joelma Choma (UFSCar).
  • Collaborators:  Dr. Tayana Conte (UFAM),   Dr. Alexandre Alvaro (UFSCar), Dr. Roberto Pereira (UFPR), Dr. Eduardo Guerra (Free University of Bolzen-Bolzano).
  • PhD Candidates: Maylon Macedo, Suellen Martinelli (FAPESP), Willian Garcias (CAPES), Vinicius Ferreira.
  • Graduated Students: Jullia Saad, Jonathan de Souza, Henrique Ramos, Luana Bianchini (CAPES), Ariel Campos, Angelica dos Santos (CAPES).
  • Undergraduate Students: Gabriel Teixeira (CNPq), Crismerlyn Pereira (FAPESP), Anathan Pereira (CNPq), Sofia Silveira.

2017 – 2021: Communication of aspects of UX in agile teams (sabbatical year).

  • Keywords:  Agile practices, User eXperience, Communication, Collaborative work.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Luciana Zaina.
  • Sponsor:  FAPESP (2017-2018).
  • Supervisor: Professor Helen Sharp (The Open University).
  • Collaborator: Dr. Leonor Barroca (The Open University).

2016 – 2020: Design and evaluation of artefacts to support software development based on user experience aspects.

  • Keywords:  Software Engineering Process, User eXperience, Empirical Software Engineering, End-user Development, Cooperative Method Development, Design Science Research.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Luciana Zaina.
  • Sponsor: CAPES, FAPESP.
  • Collaborators: Dr. Roberto Pereira (UFPR), Dr. Tayana Conte (UFAM), Dr. Tiago Silva (UNIFESP), Dr. Eduardo Guerra (INPE), Dra. Renata Fortes (ICMC), and  Dr. Toni Granollers (University of Lleida).
  • Graduated Students: Maylon Macedo (2018-2020), Abner Cleto Filho (2018-2020), José Michel Vieira (2018-2020), Danilo Bueno (2015-2017), Eduardo Pinheiro (2016-2018), Giulia Cardieri (2017-2019), Larissa Lopes(2016-2018), and Vitor Casadei(2016-2018).
  • Post-Doc Researcher: Dr. Hashim Chunpir (2015-2019).
  • Undergraduate Students: Elisa Castro (2016-2017), and Leonardo Nozaki (2019-2020).

2015 – 2017: Analysis and Implementation of Usability Evaluation Methods within Agile Software Development Environments.

  • Keywords:  Agile Methods, User-Centered Design, Software Engineering.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Tiago Silva (UNIFESP).
  • Collaborator: Dr. Luciana Zaina.
  • Sponsor: FAPESP.

2014 – 2016: A Software Product Line to Intensify the Development of Virtual Museum with Multimodal Interaction.

  • Keywords:  Software Engineering Process, User-Centered Design, Software reuse.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Luciana Zaina.
  • Sponsors: FAPESP, CAPES.
  • Collaborators: Dr. Roberto Pereira (UFPR), MSc. Andréia Leles (FACENS).
  • Graduated Students: Eline Welter (2014-2016), Danilo Bueno(2015-2016).
  • Undergraduate Students: Guilherme Góis (2015), Gabriel de Paula(2016-2015), Marcello Acar (2015), Monique Ribeiro (2014), Gabriel Cruz (2014-2015).

2013 – 2016: Design of Interaction to ERP systems.

  • Keywords: UX (User Experience), Software Engineering Process, User-Centered Design, Cooperative Method Development, Design Science Research.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Luciana Zaina.
  • Collaborators: Dr. Alexandre Alvaro.
  • Sponsor: Brazilian Industry.
  • Graduated Students: Joelma Choma (2013-2015), Diego Quintale (2013-2015).
  • Undergraduate Student: Daniela Beraldo (2013).

2012 – 2014: A Smart City Platform based on Internet of Things.

  • Keywords: UX (User Experience), Software Architecture.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Alexandre Alvaro.
  • Collaborator: Dr. Luciana Zaina.
  • Sponsor: FAPESP.

2010 – 2014: Collaborative e-learning in Web 2.0.

  • Keywords: UX (User eXperience),  Multimodal and Tangible Interfaces, Social Networks, Tagging Systems, Recommeder Systems.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Luciana Zaina.
  • Sponsors: CNPq, CAPES, FAPESP.
  • Graduated Students: Anderson Amaral (2012-2014).
  • Undergraduate Students: Renan Lordello (2013-2015), Guilherme Torres (2011-2012), Marcel Popolin (2011), Cauê Moresi (2010).

2009 – 2016: Developing applications for mobile platform.

  • Keywords: UX (User Experience), Mobile User Interface, Multimodal Interfaces, Software Reuse.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Luciana Zaina.
  • Sponsor: CNPq.
  • Graduated Students: Ricardo Schefer (2014-2016), Ricardo Leme (2012-2014), Marcel Popolim (2013-2015).
  • Undergraduate Students: Ian Costa (2013), Lucas Mandotti (2013), André Luiz Bonfatti (2012-2013), Diego H. Quintale (2010-2011), Guilherme Baldo (2009-2010).

2009 – 2012: Collaborative Communication: a Study and Development of Context Sensitive Architecure to Mobile Applications.

  • Keywords: Mobile User Interface, Software Architecture.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Fábio Verdi.
  • Collaborator: Dr. Luciana Zaina.
  • Sponsor: CNPq.