AG-6: List and Pagination

List and Pagination are related to the “Navigation” category which is explained by the fact that the user navigates through the items in a list.

On web desktop, list navigation is usually implemented with pagination controls at the bottom or top of the page. This way, users have more control, like skipping, jumping, returning pages.

On mobile applications, an interface design pattern that has been widely used for list navigation is the infinite list, just like Facebook, where you scroll and the results are automatically loaded and displayed.

The problem

Through the infinite list is more minimalist and clean, it raises serious accessibility concerns. On situations of low bandwidth, infinite list may present long waiting times while loading to display, and this may cause the user to think that the application is not responding or that the list reached its end. Also, visually impaired users may not understand what is happening because the screen reader may not be able to correctly inform the user that the application is loading new information.

Another problem of the infinite list is that does not provide any information regarding the position on the list, where users can be easily lost, as you can see in the example below.

The recommendation

Knowing this issue, the best way to deal with this kind of problem is the Pagination, even in mobile devices. It’s more intuitive and provides the user control, so he can navigate through the pages easily.

The negative point of using Pagination is that requires more clicks and actions from the user.

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It’s important to provide filtering and ordering options in order to lower the number of items in the list.

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