User eXperience LERIS

The results of UXLERIS works have been publishing in high-quality HCI and Software Engineering conferences and journals.

The team also disseminates UXLERIS findings to society by delivering several presentations in schools, academic weeks, and reporting notes in Sorocaba’s newspaper.

Important outcomes and awards  can be highlighted:

  • UX Information in an agile team:  how UX information flow in an agile software team discussing the issues and giving some recommendations to mitigate the problems.
  • Kanban Board and DX: empirical studies on the use of Kanban board to guide software teams daily work and the implication of it on the Developers eXperience (DX).
  • UX-Tips Technique: a technique to support the UX evaluation in software applications. UXLeris group collaborates with USES group in the technique development.
  • DUCI (Design for User-Centered Innovation): a methodology to lead HCI and Entrepreneurship courses in parallel in the Computing area. The methodology is project-driven where HCI techniques, methods and fundamentals are presented as a tool to potentialize the innovation centred on the user.
  • CAMPOS, A. ; SOARES, E. ; MARTINS, G. ; YOSHIDA, L. ; OLIVEIRA, M. ; ZAINA, L. A. M. . Avaliação de Comunicabilidade, Usabilidade e Retorno Emocional no Transporte Público: Um Estudo do Moovit. In: XV Simpósio Brasileiro sobre Fatores Humanos em Sistemas Computacionais, 2016, São Paulo. Anais do XV Simpósio Brasileiro sobre Fatores Humanos em Sistemas Computacionais, 2016.
    • Award: Champion of the HCI Evaluation Competition 2016.