AccessGuide Construction and Evaluation

The material used to produce the recommendations is presented in details below.


Abstract: After examining each source we collected, we created memos. Memos are notes about the data, codes, relationships between codes or even conclusions that the researcher finds useful to better define the theory. The creation of memos is extremely important as these annotations are the first attempt to communicate in a textual format the results of the analysis. All the memos are available at here.



Abstract: We mapped the relation that one pattern has to another and whether one is affected by other patterns. See the relations here.



The artefacts used to evaluate the recommendations are presented below.

Abstract: We carried out a 14-hour course with the participation of software developers to evaluate the use of Accessibility Guidelines Catalogue. To achieve our aim, we planned a 6-steps study as follow: (i) the participants fulfilled a consent form about the use of their data, and a demographic questionnaire; (ii) the classes run covering the fundamentals about accessibility and UI mobile design patterns; (iii) a training session was performed for the participants to become familiar with the study artefacts; (iv) the study execution; (v) the participants filled the acceptance questionnaire; and (vi) we conducted a focus group session.

All the artefact are available here (in Portuguese).