User eXperience LERIS

FAPESP, CNPq, CAPES and partnership with the industry have been sponsoring UXLeris projects. UXLeris also has collaborations with researchers from other universities.
Projects coordinated by UXLeris:

2019 – present: UX in software startups: needs and challenges.

  • Keywords: User eXperience, Software Engineering, Software Startups, Empirical Software Engineering.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Luciana Zaina.
  • Sponsor: CNPq (Technological and Innovation Development Fellowship), CAPES, FAPESP, CONFAP-FAPESP-UK Academy.
  • Collaborators:  Professor Helen Sharp (The Open University), Dr. Leonor Barroca (The Open University), Dr. Tayana Conte (UFAM), Dr. Cleidson de Souza (UFPA), Dr. Letícia Machado (UFPA), Dr. Tiago Silva (UNIFESP),  Dr. Alexandre Alvaro (UFSCar), Dr. Roberto Pereira (UFPR) and Dr. Eduardo Guerra (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano).
  • Researcher: Dr. Joelma Choma and Dr. Vinícius Ferreira.
  • PhD Students: MSc. Maylon Macedo and MSc. Suellen Martinelli.
  • Graduated Students: Ariel Campos, Henrique Ramos, Luana Bianchini, Angelica dos Santos, Jullia Saad (2019-2021), Jonathan Souza (2019-2021).
  • Undergraduate Students: Maria Anita de Moura, Bruna Scarpelli, Anathan Pereira (2020-2021), Gabriel Viana (2020-2022), Crismerlyn Pereira (2020-2021), Sofia Silveira (2020-2021).

2017 – 2020: Communication of aspects of UX in agile teams (sabbatical year).

  • Keywords:  Agile practices, User eXperience, Communication, Collaborative work.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Luciana Zaina.
  • Sponsor:  FAPESP (2017-2018).
  • Supervisor: Professor Helen Sharp (The Open University).
  • Collaborator: Dr. Leonor Barroca (The Open University).

2016 – 2019: Design and evaluation of artefacts to support software development based on user experience aspects.

  • Keywords:  Software Engineering Process, User eXperience, Cooperative Method Development, Design Science Research.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Luciana Zaina.
  • Sponsor: CAPES, FAPESP.
  • Collaborators: Dr. Isabela Gasparini (UDESC), Dr. Roberto Pereira (UFPR), Dr. Tayana Conte (UFAM), Dr. Tiago Silva (UNIFESP), Dr. Toni Granollers (University of Lleida),  Dr. Tiemi Sakata, MSc Danilo Bueno.
  • Master Students:  Eduardo Pinheiro (2016-2018), Giulia Cardieri (2017-2019), Larissa Lopes (2016-2018), Vitor Casadei (2016-2018).
  • Post-Doc Researcher: Dr. Hashim Chunpir (2015-2016).
  • Undergraduate Students: Elisa Castro (2016-2017), Aléssia Melo (2017-2018), Leonardo Nozaki (2019-2020).

2014 – 2016: A Software Product Line to Intensify the Development of Virtual Museum with Multimodal Interaction.

  • Keywords:  Software Engineering Process, User-Centered Design, Software reuse.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Luciana Zaina.
  • Sponsors: FAPESP, CAPES.
  • Collaborators: Dr. Roberto Pereira (UFPR), MSc. Andréia Leles (FACENS).
  • Master Students: Eline Welter (2014-2016), Danilo Bueno (2015-2016).
  • Undergraduate Students: Guilherme Góis (2015), Gabriel de Paula(2016-2015), Marcello Acar (2015), Monique Ribeiro (2014), Gabriel Cruz (2014-2015).

2013 – 2016: Design of Interaction to ERP systems.

  • Keywords: UX (User Experience), Software Engineering Process, User-Centered Design, Cooperative Method Development, Design Science Research.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Luciana Zaina.
  • Collaborators: Dr. Alexandre Alvaro.
  • Sponsor: Brazilian Industry.
  • Master Students: Joelma Choma (2013-2015), Diego Quintale (2013-2015).
  • Undergraduate Student: Daniela Beraldo (2013).

2010 – 2014: Collaborative e-learning in Web 2.0.

  • Keywords: UX (User eXperience),  Multimodal and Tangible Interfaces, Social Networks, Tagging Systems, Recommender Systems.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Luciana Zaina.
  • Sponsors: CNPq, CAPES, FAPESP.
  • Master Students: Anderson Amaral (2012-2014).
  • Undergraduate Students: Renan Lordello (2013-2015), Guilherme Torres (2011-2012), Marcel Popolin (2011), Cauê Moresi (2010).

2009 – 2016: Developing applications for the mobile platform.

  • Keywords: UX (User Experience), Mobile User Interface, Multimodal Interfaces, Software Reuse.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Luciana Zaina.
  • Sponsor: CNPq.
  • Master Graduated Students: Ricardo Schefer (2014-2016), Ricardo Leme (2012-2014), Marcel Popolim (2013-2015).
  • Undergraduate Students: Ian Costa (2013), Lucas Mandotti (2013), André Luiz Bonfatti (2012-2013), Diego H. Quintale (2010-2011), Guilherme Baldo (2009-2010).


2016 – 2018: Monitoring of physical and virtual resources in cloud computing environments and virtual infrastructures.

  • Keywords:  Cloud Computing, Network Management, Information Visualization, UX.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Fabio Verdi.
  • Sponsor: FAPESP.

2015 – 2017: Analysis and Implementation of Usability Evaluation Methods within Agile Software Development Environments.

  • Keywords:  Agile Methods, User-Centered Design, Software Engineering.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Tiago Silva (UNIFESP).
  • Sponsor: FAPESP.

2012 – 2014: A Smart City Platform based on the Internet of Things.

  • Keywords: UX (User Experience), Software Architecture.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Alexandre Alvaro.
  • Sponsor: FAPESP.

2009 – 2012: Collaborative Communication: a Study and Development of Context-Sensitive Architecture to Mobile Applications.

  • Keywords: Mobile User Interface, Software Architecture.
  • Coordinator: Dr. Fábio Verdi.
  • Sponsor: CNPq.